frequently asked questions about Interest free Beds and Bedding Accessories by Bedkings

Terms and conditions

  1. Invoice must be produced for all warranty services.
  2. Bed Kings shall nominate approximate delivery dates in good faith, but shall not be liable or responsible for delays resulting from or contributed by strikes, lock outs, changes in production schedules by manufactures, delays with inward delivery dates and times to Bed Kings and any other event not within the reasonable control of Bed Kings.
  3. Bed Kings may advise approximate delivery times (such as lunchtime, late afternoon etc) in good faith however, Bed Kings are not responsible for traffic and delivery delays. Should no person be present to take delivery, the goods shall be re-delivered on another mutually agreed date and time and such re-delivery costs maybe borne by the Client upon re-delivery of the goods.
  4. All customers shall accept delivery of all goods within 14 days of notification that the goods are available for delivery unless a prior arrangement has been made.
  5. Ownership of the goods described herein shall remain with Bed Kings until all of the following events have been completed.
    Payment of all monies, clearance of all cheques and any other negotiable financial instruments, the delivery of the goods.
  6. Customers must provide clear and unobstructed access area for the delivery of goods. Difficult access requires prior notice as additional delivery personnel may be required and additional delivery charges may result. Our personnel will at all times be diligent and careful, but cannot be responsible for any accidental damage that may occur during the delivery process.
  7. Customers are responsible for the selected goods fitting into the intended area of the building.
  8. Special and custom made orders require a 25{916edf4b5cbdc7011f71464505db384a667a552f3bb9f8d4672d4bb672c28e18} deposit and cannot be cancelled once the manufacturing process has commenced.
  9. A cancellation charge of 25{916edf4b5cbdc7011f71464505db384a667a552f3bb9f8d4672d4bb672c28e18} is applicable on the total price.
  10. Lay-bys of more than one item cannot be separated and must be paid in full before collection. 11. Lay-By instalment details – Non payment of any of the installments set out above will be a breach of the lay-by agreement and the retailer may cancel the lay-by giving the customer at least 14 days written notice of the breach. In such case the notice will be posted to the customer’s last known address. If the customer has not made a further payment within 14 days the customer will be deemed to have cancelled the lay-by. The customer will forfeit the goods and incur the cancellation charge as set out above and any remaining sum will be reimbursed to the customer.

Bed Kings Sales Contract Privacy Policy

Your name, telephone numbers and mailing address are personal information and Bed Kings has collected this information for the purpose of processing and maintaining your order.