Complementing your base and mattress with a headboard completes the picture. All our headboards are created and built in our Brisbane manufacturing facility. This allows you to choose the height, fabric selection and colour. You can also choose to keep your headboard plain or dress it up with buttons, piping or wings to make it look like a piece from a royal suite.

We have many standard headboard designs which may suit most of your desires but if not we can create a unique piece just for you. Talk to our wonderful staff who can show you many more options which we may not have displayed on our showroom floors.
Olivia Headboard  899 AUD
Alfa Headboard  899 AUD
Angelo Headboard  699 AUD
Auburn Headboard  699 AUD
Bentley Headboard  1250 AUD
Cuba Headboard  449 AUD
Daisy Headboard  429 AUD
Mali Headboard  499 AUD
Porsha Headboard  549 AUD
Australian Made