Planning on designing your own bedroom? Have you been mulling over bedroom design ideas without any luck? Let’s walk you through a few essential tips to turn your sleeping space into a restful, cozy sanctuary.

How to Design Your Own Bedroom

Designing Your Own Bedroom: Why you should Pay Attention to Your Bed and Bedding

Choosing Your Mattress

Well, to be honest, your mattress and bed  are the most important elements in your bedroom so investing into a good base and a comfortable orthopedic mattress is a great place to start .

Choosing Your Base

Bed Kings provide a range of high quality bases that perfectly match our orthopedic mattress range. Our bases are manufactured with kiln dried plantation timber, and we discard any piece of wood with a knot greater than 1/3 of the width of timber to ensure stability and durability of oir bases. You can choose from our extensive range of bases, starting from Port Base Deepline, Slimline Base, to Deepline bases with drawers for extra storage options. 

Choosing Your Bed Sheets

 A little bit of indulgence can go a long way. At the same time, think about investing into quality bedding, when you have soft sheets and quality pillows you’ll sleep so much better.  Consider buying some Egyptian cotton sheets (with a minimum of 400 thread count) or perhaps even silk? Incidentally, Egyptian cotton fabrics are softer and finer than regular cotton and it will give you that 5 star hotel bed feeling. Your bed is the centerpiece of your bedroom and it should add elegance and luxury to the entire ambiance.

Orthopedic Pillows – Choose a pillow that supports your head and neck. We offer a range of pillows from Bambi Bravo Contour Memory Foam Pillow , Bambi CoolTouch Microfibre Pillow to Bambi Sensitiva Body Pillow for extra comfort.  

Mattress Protectors – Add a mattress protector to protect your mattress from spills and give it that extra sense of luxury. We offer Bambi Proctectiva Bamboo Mattress Protector for single beds and Bambi Cool Touch Active Mattress Protector for queen sized beds. 

Why Should you Buy a Bed Kings Headboard?

An appealing headboard can add character and transform your bedroom. Plus, it will make your bed all the more comfortable. When you pick out a good quality headboard, think about the colour and quality. Afterall, this will be a feature and focal point of the room. 

Bed Kings Headboards

Bentley Headboard – King 
Daisy HeadBoard – Double
Olivia Headboard – King 
Sleep Space Headboard
Alfa Headboard – Single

How to Control Natural Lighting in Your Bedroom

You need to dress your windows to manage natural light effectively. Depending on your preference and location of the bedroom go for either sheer shades (mix of sheer drapery and blinds) or blackout shades to completely block your neighbour’s car headlights or the streetlights.

How to Use Colour to Add Character to Your Room

Since your bedroom is your own sanctuary, you can create a place that you can retreat and unwind. Remember to select colours carefully that allow you to unwind and relax.  with your choice of colours. This will help you fall asleep faster and enjoy a sense of peace. You can create a serene space with a neutral colour palette. Pale to mid greys work well with bedrooms as do pastel colours such as blues, pinks and greens

How to Select the Best Flooring for Bedrooms

If you are more inclined towards absolute comfort and indulgence, look for soft, luxurious carpets in complementing colours or natural wood floors or a high quality laminate. You’ll spend most of your time barefoot in your bedroom and it will be lovely to have something soft to stand on as you get out of bed.  If you’re concerned about keeping the space easy to manage and clean, wooden or quality laminate floors will help reduce dust and will be easier to manage. If you still want a soft touch, consider investing into a quality rug. 

Why you Should Create a Seating Space

If you’re lucky enough to have a spacious room you’ll be able to have space for a comfortable chair or maybe a makeup table If you’ve got a busy family house we could all do with somewhere comfortable to escape to for a few minutes peace.  If you have the space an armchair for reading will give you the perfect space to unwind and escape or perhaps you want a makeup station where you can take your time to prep for those special nights out?  From our experience, we know adding a seating area to your bedroom can really help you make the space your own. Make a stand and claim the room.

How to Add Texture with Bedding Accessories

Finally, you can finish off your sleeping sanctuary with a few modern bedding accessories. Think about making a feature wall by adding patterned wallpaper behind the bed with some matching cushions. Add bits of décor and colour will add subtle layers to the room and help give it that styled, hotel room feel. Remember to choose fabric that matches or compliments  your furnishing and colours of your room. Your bedroom is your sanctuary, this is your space and you can style it to show your personality. Just remember to consult your partner, as a happy couple makes a happy home.