Do you have a hard time falling asleep? Have you checked if your bed is comfortable enough? If you wish for deep and blissful slumbers, make your bed a cozy, luxurious space. Let us discuss how to make your bed more comfortable.

Invest in a good mattress

Finding a good mattress is half the battle won. You need to think about your body size and shape and consider other issues like back problems before deciding on a mattress. Whether you currently suffer from back pain or not, we recommend that you buy an orthopedic mattress just to be on the safe side. These mattresses are designed to support your back and alleviate back problems. We offer a wide range of orthopedic mattresses starting from OrthoBalance – King, OrthoLuxe – DoubleOrthoLuxe – Queen, to  OrthoLuxe – Single and much more. On the other hand, if you have back problems, our Posture Care – Bed Kings range has been specifically designed to correct spinal alignment and suit body profiles.

Optimise your sleep comfort level with accessories

Once you have the perfect mattress to suit your body, it is time to enhance the comfort factor with Bedding Accessories – Bed Kings. First of all, you can add another layer of supple softness to your bed with a Bambi Sensitiva Microfibre Quilt.  Our Bambi Gel Infused Memory Foam Topper is great for body-contouring. And Bambi Encore Cooltouch Memory Foam Pillow High Profile adapts to the shape of your head and provides the right amount of support. If you want to go that extra mile, how about a Bambi Sensitiva Body Pillow + Luxurious Santeen Cover to contour your entire body to provide you comfort from head to toe.

Throw in some luxury blankets 

Blankets are a bit like soft furnishing. They add that extra sense of luxury to your bed. Get blankets that make your bedroom feel more inviting and great for rest.

Wash your sheets regularly

Fresh, clean bedding smells and feel great and helps you drift off to sleep. However, if washing your sheets and bedding frequently sounds like too much trouble, invest in extra sheets. The other positive to frequently changing your bedding is that it is an effective way of changing the mood of your room.

Make your bed in the morning

At the end of the day, when you want to turn in, what would you rather see? A crumpled bed or one that is all ready for a good night’s sleep? Take that extra time in the morning to make up your bed. Making your bed in the morning is a good start to your morning routine. You can start the day with something already accomplished. We’ve even got a little trick you can use to make your bed smell great. Mix some fabric conditioner and a perfume you love and keep the mixture in a spray bottle on your bed stand. Once you make the bed every morning, sprinkle some of the magic mixture on bedding. You’ll come back to a bed that smells divine.