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Bed Kings Sleep Matters

Up to 50% off normal retail prices of similar products

Bed Kings is a retail outlet delivering quality mattresses, bases and headboards at everyday discounted prices. Our mattresses, bases and headboards are up to 50% off normal retail prices of similar products in our competitor’s stores. The staff in each Bed Kings’ store are specifically trained salespeople who understand the key to a good night’s sleep. They are well versed in the construction and individual componentry that create your unique sleep solution.

We believe Bed Kings is well placed to deliver a product, price and delivery package to meet your specific needs. The Bed Kings sleep systems have been designed to deliver both a comfort choice and a technology progression strategy to meet the individual needs of our growing customer base. Our mattresses are designed to support the human body at rest whilst maintaining orthopedically correct sleeping posture and delivering unsurpassed body cradling comfort.

Local Australian owned family bedding company

We at Bed Kings are passionate about bedding and we believe that we have a bedding range second to none, supplied by a local Australian owned family bedding company based right here in Brisbane.

Come in and check out the Dream Team at Bed Kings Sleep Matters.